Wickler Behavioral Consulting uses naturalistic approaches to therapy interventions that are based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis and Pivotal Response Training. PRT is a highly acclaimed, research-based intervention for individuals with autism. It aims to focus on pivotal areas of development including motivation, responsitivity to multiple cues, self-management, and social initiations. Focusing on these pivotal skills has shown to make widespread and generalized improvements in communication, social skills, and general behavior. The overarching goal of WBC is to move the child with autism to a more typically developing trajectory through individualized instruction based on the child’s interest and needs. To learn more about PRT approach please refer to the resources page for internet links.

  • Applied Behavior

    Applied Behavior Analysis is is an evidence based approach to teaching individuals new skills while reducing undesirable behaviors through positive reinforcement.  

  • Social Skills Group

    Small groups of children led by a therapist that teaches children how to interact appropriately with their peers.


    Individualized parent education, focusing on understanding Autism, ABA and how to adjust the home environment to make it more successful. 

  • Resource


    Our Parent Resource Coordinator can help support parents with finding supporting therapists, camps, and activities helping with State Funding. 

Request Services

Please feel free to reach out with questions about requesting services, current availability and wait times. 

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